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Elevate your software's performance with cutting-edge testing services tailored for websites and mobile apps. Our experienced team of testers in the USA ensures your digital solutions meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Trust GhostQA for comprehensive software testing services that guarantee excellence in every line of code.


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Our Mission


At GhostQA, we're driven by a simple yet powerful mission: to ensure our clients' success. Quality shouldn't be daunting or expensive. We're here to prove that. Our primary focus is on establishing cost-effective quality frameworks, fostering the overall success of our clients.

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Our Vision


At GhostQA, we envision a dynamic, innovative company delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions. Serving as a central hub for the global QA community, we advocate, educate, and consistently deliver customer-centric innovation.

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Software Testing & QA Services

Manual Testing

At GhostQA, our popular manual testing services offer a meticulous examination of websites and mobile apps. From comprehensive functional testing to reporting usability issues, we bring a keen eye for user experience and bug detection to elevate your software quality.

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Automated Testing

At GhostQA, we craft precision-driven automated test suites for websites and apps using Selenium WebDriver and Appium in Java and Python. Let us handle the heavy lifting and seamlessly integrate test automation into your software development process.

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Performance Testing

GhostQA's performance testing ensures your software's resilience. Worried about speed or potential downtime? We've got you covered. Using tools like JMeter, we assess your software's capacity and provide insights into page load times based on varying visitor numbers.

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Web and Mobile QA

GhostQA ensures your websites and apps shine across all devices. Our focus on responsive design and cross-platform compatibility delivers a seamless user experience. Plus, we conduct accessibility testing for software that's inclusive and usable by everyone.

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Regression Testing

Think of regression testing as your software's safety net. Using tools like Selenium and frameworks like TestNG, GhostQA ensures core functionalities work seamlessly after updates. The result: fewer glitches, consistent quality, and reliable legacy features.

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API Testing

GhostQA ensures your APIs are not just functional but optimized, secure, and ready for real-world demands. Using tools like Postman or REST Assured, we rigorously validate data flows, ensuring enhanced software compatibility and system resilience.

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About GhostQA


Ghost QA bas a goal of providing a comprehensive and approachable product for testing websites and web applications using browser automation.
Our service ensures that your website is always working as expected and alerts you when something breaks.
We achieve this by continually accessing your website with an automated web browser and interacting with it just as a real person would.
If your shopping cart isn’t working properly, it can be caught by a Ghost QA test instead of a manual QA tester, or worse, a live customer.
We expand your quality assurance efforts by automating and scheduling repeatable tests, freeing up your QA team to focus on other things.

Completed Projects

Still Have Questions?

What services does GhostQA offer?

GhostQA specializes in comprehensive software testing services, including manual testing, automated testing, performance testing, API testing, regression testing, and more. Our goal is to ensure the quality and reliability of your digital products.

How can I benefit from GhostQA's services?

By leveraging our testing expertise, you ensure the seamless functionality, security, and optimal performance of your software. This not only enhances user experience but also saves you time and resources in the long run.

What makes GhostQA different from other testing services?

GhostQA stands out for its meticulous approach, experienced team, and dedication to finding vulnerabilities others might miss. We offer flexible testing processes tailored to your unique needs, ensuring comprehensive coverage.


Please reach out to support@ghostqa.com to purchase license

  • Free For 3 Months
    afterwards ($29.99 per user/month)

  • Functional Testing
  • Result Viewer
  • Team Management
  • Historical Results
  • Default Suites
  • Dashboard
  • Historical Charts
  • Execution Recording
  • $99 per user/month

  • All the benefits of Basic
  • Integration - JIRA
  • Custom Suite
  • Test Case Viewer
  • Execution
  • Application Setup
Pro Plan
  • $149 per user/month

  • All the benefits of Economy
  • Suite Schedule
  • Integration ( MS Teams, Slack etc.)


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