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Welcome to GhostQA, the ultimate solution for comprehensive software testing. GhostQA offers a robust suite of features tailored for both functional and performance testing, ensuring seamless testing experiences for developers and QA professionals alike. With GhostQA, you can effortlessly integrate your code, customize your testing journey, automate testing processes, and gain valuable insights into your application’s performance. 

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Ghost QA offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline test execution and management, result tracking, and visualization and reporting. The platform’s test execution and management tools enable teams to efficiently conduct functional testing, manage team members, and customize test suites to meet specific testing requirements. With Ghost QA, users can easily record and review test executions, ensuring thorough testing and effective issue tracking.

Ghost QA’s visualization and reporting capabilities further enhance the testing experience. The platform offers customizable dashboards that provide a visual overview of testing processes and progress. Historical charts offer insights into testing performance, enabling teams to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions.

Say goodbye to manual testing hassles and hello to enhanced efficiency and reliability with GhostQA. Whether you’re conducting functional testing to ensure software quality or performance testing to optimize application performance, GhostQA has you covered. Discover GhostQA today and redefine the way you test software. 


Together, these features make Ghost QA a powerful tool for organizations looking to optimize their testing processes

Functional Testing Features

GhostQA's functional testing capabilities empower you to ensure that your software meets specified requirements and functions as intended. From accessing historical results to seamless integration with collaboration platforms, GhostQA provides a complete toolkit for optimizing your functional testing processes. With features like Default Suites, Result Viewer, and Integration - JIRA, you can streamline your testing workflow and achieve greater efficiency in your testing efforts.

Performance Testing Features

Experience enhanced performance testing with GhostQA's advanced features designed to maximize efficiency and accuracy. Execute parallel tests, access a global network of cloud locations, and integrate with APM tools for comprehensive performance monitoring. With features like Data Retention, Priority Support, and Network Emulation, GhostQA equips you with the tools you need to assess and optimize your application's performance under various conditions.

Functional Testing Features

Explore GhostQA’s robust functional testing features designed to ensure the seamless performance of your software:

Functional Testing

Conduct thorough testing to ensure that your software meets the functional requirements specified by your stakeholders. GhostQA provides a user-friendly interface to design, execute, and manage functional test cases efficiently. Organize tests into logical groups with Test Suites and automate execution seamlessly with Test Lab.

Historical Result

Access and analyze historical test results to track the progress of your testing efforts over time. GhostQA maintains a comprehensive database of past test executions, allowing you to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement.

Default Suites

Customize default test suites to categorize and organize your test cases based on different functional areas or modules of your software. Default suites provide a structured approach to test case management, simplifying the testing process and ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Historical Charts

Explore historical charts and graphs to visualize testing metrics such as test execution trends, pass/fail rates, and defect densities. Historical charts in GhostQA provide valuable insights into the overall health and quality of your software.

Result Viewer

Seamlessly view and analyze test results in real-time with GhostQA's intuitive result viewer. The result viewer provides detailed information about test case outcomes, including pass/fail status, error messages, and execution logs, facilitating quick issue identification and resolution.

Team Management

Efficiently manage your testing team and assign roles and responsibilities within GhostQA's integrated team management module. Team management features enable you to collaborate effectively, track individual contributions, and ensure accountability throughout the testing process.


Gain a comprehensive overview of your testing project with GhostQA's interactive dashboard. The dashboard provides real-time insights into key testing metrics, project progress, and team performance, empowering you to make informed decisions and prioritize tasks effectively.

Execution Recording

Record test executions to capture detailed information about testing activities, including test case outcomes, execution times, and test environment configurations. Execution recording features in GhostQA facilitate audit trails and enable traceability, ensuring compliance with testing standards and regulations.

Integration - JIRA

Seamlessly integrate GhostQA with JIRA, a popular issue tracking and project management tool. Integration with JIRA enables automatic logging of failed test cases as tickets, streamlining communication between testing and development teams and expediting issue resolution.


Execute test cases efficiently within GhostQA's testing environment, ensuring thorough coverage of functional requirements and validation of software functionality. GhostQA supports various execution modes, including manual, automated, and scheduled executions, catering to diverse testing needs.

Test Case Viewer

View and manage test cases within GhostQA's intuitive test case viewer, facilitating easy access and organization of test assets. Test case viewer features enable you to review test case details, update test case status, and track changes effectively.

Application Setup

Set up test environments and configurations for your testing projects within GhostQA's application setup module. Application setup features enable you to define test parameters, configure test environments, and establish testing prerequisites, ensuring consistency and reliability in testing execution.

Custom Suite

Create custom test suites tailored to your specific testing requirements and project objectives. Custom suite features in GhostQA allow you to group related test cases, prioritize testing activities, and manage test execution efficiently, maximizing testing effectiveness and coverage.

Suite Schedule

Schedule test suite executions at predefined intervals or times within GhostQA's suite scheduling module. Suite schedule features enable you to automate testing tasks, optimize resource utilization, and ensure timely execution of critical test suites, enhancing testing efficiency and productivity.

Integration (MS Teams, Slack, etc.)

Integrate GhostQA with collaboration platforms such as MS Teams and Slack to facilitate real-time communication and collaboration among team members. Integration with MS Teams and Slack enables automatic sharing of test results, updates, and notifications, enhancing team visibility and coordination.

OPS (On Premise Solution)

Deploy GhostQA as an on-premise solution within your organization's infrastructure to meet specific security and compliance requirements. OPS features in GhostQA provide data sovereignty, control, and customization options, ensuring data privacy and regulatory compliance.

With these comprehensive functional testing features, GhostQA empowers testing teams to conduct thorough testing, track progress effectively, and deliver high-quality software products with confidence and efficiency.

Performance Testing

GhostQA offers a suite of performance testing features designed to ensure that your software performs optimally under various conditions. Here are the key features:

Parallel Tests

GhostQA allows you to execute multiple performance tests simultaneously, enabling you to maximize testing throughput and efficiency. With parallel testing, you can significantly reduce the time required to complete your testing cycles, allowing for faster feedback and iteration.

Data Retention (As per plan)

Depending on your plan, GhostQA provides flexible data retention options, allowing you to store test data and results for extended periods. This ensures that you have access to historical testing data whenever needed, facilitating trend analysis, benchmarking, and performance optimization.

30+ Cloud Locations

Access GhostQA's extensive network of over 30 cloud locations distributed across the globe. This diverse geographical coverage enables you to simulate real-world user traffic from different regions, ensuring comprehensive testing of your application's performance under various network conditions and user demographics.

Support - Email (24h) Support

GhostQA offers round-the-clock email support, ensuring that you receive timely assistance and guidance from our team of experts whenever you encounter issues or have questions about performance testing.

Email Report Summaries

Receive concise and informative summaries of test reports via email, providing you with quick insights into key performance metrics, test results, and any critical issues identified during testing. These email summaries enable efficient communication and decision-making within your team.

Unlimited Concurrent Users (As Per plan)

Depending on your plan, GhostQA allows you to simulate an unlimited number of concurrent users during performance testing. This scalability ensures that you can accurately assess your application's performance under heavy load conditions, replicating real-world usage scenarios.

Unlimited Tests (As per pricing plan)

Conduct an unlimited number of performance tests with GhostQA, allowing you to thoroughly evaluate your application's performance across different scenarios, usage patterns, and deployment environments. This flexibility empowers you to iterate and optimize your application continuously.

Testing Hours (As Per plan)

Depending on your plan, GhostQA provides a specified number of testing hours for performance testing. These allocated testing hours allow you to plan and execute performance tests effectively, ensuring optimal resource utilization and cost management.

APM Integrations

GhostQA seamlessly integrates with leading Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tools, allowing you to monitor and analyze critical performance metrics such as response times, throughput, and resource utilization during testing. These integrations provide deeper insights into your application's performance and help identify performance bottlenecks more effectively.

Compare Results

GhostQA enables you to compare performance test results across different test runs or versions of your application. By comparing results, you can identify performance trends, track improvements or regressions over time, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your application's performance continually.

Priority Support

With priority support from GhostQA, you receive expedited assistance and resolution for any issues or inquiries related to performance testing. Our dedicated support team prioritizes your requests, ensuring that critical issues are addressed promptly and minimizing downtime during testing.

Test Reports with Custom Logos

Customize test reports with your organization's logo and branding to create professional and polished reports that align with your brand identity. Customized reports enhance the credibility and professionalism of your performance testing efforts, making them more compelling and impactful for stakeholders.

Customizable Workspaces

GhostQA allows you to create customizable workspaces to organize and manage your performance testing projects efficiently. You can tailor workspaces to suit your team's workflow, preferences, and project requirements, ensuring seamless collaboration and productivity throughout the testing process.

OPL (On-Premise Load Generator) or Private Locations

Deploy on-premise load generators or private testing locations within your internal network or infrastructure to conduct performance tests securely and in compliance with your organization's policies and regulations. OPL and private locations offer enhanced data privacy, security, and control over your testing environment.

Network Emulation (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Wifi, LAN)

GhostQA provides comprehensive network emulation capabilities, allowing you to simulate various network conditions such as 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Wifi, and LAN. By emulating different network environments, you can assess your application's performance under real-world conditions and optimize its behavior accordingly.

In Private Cloud Locations

We will Conduct performance tests in your private cloud Servers locations to ensure the confidentiality, security, and compliance of your testing activities. Private locations offer a controlled testing environment within your organization's infrastructure, minimizing exposure to external risks and ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.

These advanced performance testing features offered by GhostQA empower organizations to conduct thorough, scalable, and reliable performance testing, enabling them to optimize application performance, enhance user experience, and achieve their business objectives with confidence. 

With GhostQA’s performance testing features, you can ensure that your software meets performance expectations, delivers a seamless user experience, and maintains reliability under all conditions. 

No need to start from scratch. Jump-start your workflow with a proven playbook designed for different teams. Customize it to make it yours.



For inquiries or support, please reach out to us via email at [email protected] or through our contact form on the website. We’re here to assist you with any questions or assistance you may need regarding our services.

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