Top 10 Best Software QA Testing Companies in USA for 2024

In the ever-evolving tech landscape, impeccable software quality is non-negotiable. Dive into our guide showcasing the premier software testing companies in the USA. With a surge in demand for flawless digital products, businesses of all sizes are on the hunt for adept testing partners. Uncover the industry’s top contenders and ensure the seamless performance of your digital products.

The Landscape of Software QA Testing

In a recent study by Market Research Future, the outsourced software testing market is on a robust growth trajectory. Valued at USD 3.56 billion in 2022, it’s projected to reach USD 5.28 billion by 2032, marking a notable CAGR of 4.02%. With an abundance of options, selecting the right testing partner can be overwhelming. To navigate this, we’ve established criteria prioritizing transparency.

Criteria for Excellence

Our evaluation criteria include years of industry experience, core services, domain expertise, geographical presence, clientele, and reviews on esteemed platforms. To ensure transparency, we present the list without specific rankings. Our confidence, however, lies in Ghost QA, headquartered in California, meeting all specified criteria.

Meet the Top Contenders

1. Ghost QA

Core Services: Comprehensive Software Testing Services, Quality Assurance Solutions.

About: Ghost QA is a leading software testing company providing high-quality QA services to clients worldwide, Their proven approach combines extensive training, dedicated teams, and optimized communication for thoroughly tested software.

Locations: Pleasanton, CA (HQ), Toronto, Canada, New York, United States, Aguascalientes, Mexico, Chandigarh, India.

Employees: 20-50

2. Scnsoft

Core Services: Manual Testing, Automated Testing, Performance Testing, Mobile Testing, Security Testing, Accessibility Testing, Usability Testing, API Testing, Load and Performance Testing, Regression Testing, Exploratory Testing, DevOps testing.

About: With over 34 years in the industry, Scnsoft delivers high-quality testing services across various sectors. Their experienced team enhances the performance and reliability of software products.

Locations: McKinney, Texas (US), Georgia, Latvia, Finland, Poland, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE.

Employees: 700+

3. QualityLogic

Core Services: Manual Testing, Automated Testing, Performance Testing, Mobile Testing, Security Testing, Accessibility Testing, Usability Testing, API Testing, Load and Performance Testing, Regression Testing, Exploratory Testing, DevOps testing.

About: With over 35 years of experience, QualityLogic serves diverse industries. Their team of experts focuses on improving the performance and reliability of software products.

Locations: Moorpark, California (HQ), Boise, Idaho, Saigon, Vietnam.

Employees: 200+

4. BugRaptors

Core Services: Functional Testing, Software Testing, Integration Testing, Load and Performance Testing, Mobile App Testing, Black Box Testing, Web Testing, Database Testing, Regression Testing, Selenium WebDriver, Automated Testing, Game Testing.

About: BugRaptors, founded in 2016, offers specialized testing and quality assurance services globally. With a client base spanning SMEs to Fortune 500 Companies, they cater to diverse businesses.

Locations: India and US (HQ), US, UK, Canada, Australia.

Employees: 200+

5. Cigniti

Core Services: Quality Engineering, Digital Assurance, Advisory and Transformation, QA Outsourcing, DevOps, Test Advisory Services, QE and Digital Assurance Platform.

About: Cigniti is a global leader in independent quality engineering and software testing services. With a track record since 1998, they deliver high-quality services across various locations.

Locations: Hyderabad, India (HQ), United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia.

Employees: 4,000+

6. Qualitestgroup

Core Services: Test Automation, Performance Engineering, Quality Engineering, Agile & DevOps, QA Consulting, Digital Assurance and testing, SAP Testing, Testing Transformation, Accessibility Testing, and Security Testing.

About: Founded in 1997, Qualitestgroup offers end-to-end quality assurance and testing services to businesses of all sizes. With over 4,000 employees worldwide, they cater to diverse industries.

Locations: Fairfield, CT, USA (HQ), USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Israel, India, Australia.

Employees: Over 4,000

7. TestingXperts

Core Services: Test Automation, Manual Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing, Mobile Testing, Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Compatibility Testing, Usability Testing, Exploratory Testing, DevOps Testing, and Consulting Services.

About: TestingXperts is a leading software testing and quality assurance company, serving diverse industries. With a global presence and experienced professionals, they deliver reliable testing services.

Locations: London, UK (HQ), Pennsylvania, USA, Ontario, Canada, Melbourne, Australia, Hyderabad, Noida, India.

Employees: 1000 – 4999

8. QAMentor

Core Services: Software testing, QA consulting, test automation, mobile testing, web application testing, performance testing, security testing, regression testing, usability testing, accessibility testing, functional testing, API testing, and DevOps testing.

About: QAMentor, founded in 2005, provides customized testing solutions for clients across industries. With a mission to reduce risk and cost, they deliver high-quality software testing services.

Locations: Irvine, California (HQ), Texas, Pennsylvania, Canada.

Employees: 250 – 999

9. TestMatick

Core Services: Test Automation, Manual Testing, Mobile App Testing, Web Application Testing, Game Testing, Cloud-Based Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing, DevOps Testing, API Testing, and QA Consulting.

About: TestMatick, founded in 2009, is a leading software testing company. With a global presence, they ensure that software products meet the highest quality standards.

Locations: Lviv, Ukraine (HQ), USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Employees: 100 – 249

10. Testrig

Core Services: Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Security Testing, Performance Testing, Automation Testing, Mobile Testing, Game Testing, DevOps Testing, and more.

About: Testrig is a comprehensive software testing company founded in 2015. They optimize testing processes for organizations globally, specializing in manual and automation testing.

Locations: Bangalore, India (HQ), USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, India, Middle East.

Employees: 100 – 499

Conclusion: Navigating the QA Landscape In the realm of software testing, meticulous attention is imperative. Our curated list serves as a valuable resource, aiding businesses in pinpointing organizations with expertise, experience, and a history of customer satisfaction.

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